Soil moisture sensor calibration

The sensor from factory coming calibrated, but it is recommended to calibrate your sensor with local irrigation water. To do this follow steps below:

  1. On Your android phone or tablet install Plantmer Soil Moisture Sensor App from Google Play Store. Connect Your sensor to phone USB socket using OTG adapter.

    !WARNING For LoraWan sensor please remove device battery before attaching device to USB port for configuration. Leaving battery with attached USB power supply may damage battery or your device’s USB port.
    !WARNING device waits for 10 seconds after power up for configuration terminal software connection. After terminal connection it remains in configuration mode until terminal software is disconnected.
    !WARNING device joining mode OTAA or ABP is switched automatically on configuration when you setup OTAA or ABP parameter.
  2. Make sure Your sensor has a connection and sending data to the app.
  3. Calibration on the air: moisture sensor should be dry and clean, hang it in the air (in empty space around 10 cm at least for correct calibration). Shift to app settings tab and press Air button.

    Calibration on the air is done.
  4. Next step is calibration in the water. It is recommended for calibration use the same water which you use for soil irrigation(rainwater, domestic, rive water etc). Use plastic non-conductive container at least 12 cm diameter or bigger and enough depth to submerge green sensor area. Next submerge sensor more than green sensing area.

    On the app settings tab press Water button.

    Calibration on the water is done.

Now sensor is ready to take measurements.

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