USB and LoRaWAN Soil Sensor setup and monitoring console

This android application allows easy to configure and monitor soil moisture sensors.

The PM-WCS-3 family sensors is low-cost accurate moisture sensor for monitoring water content, electrical conductivity and temperature of soil.

You may use any android phone supporting OTG host option to configure USB and LoRaWAN sensors.

For LoRaWAN sensors data is streamed online via LoRaWAN gateways connected to TTN.
To enable online monitoring you should click login to main page, to signup with your google account. Then attach LoRaWAN sensor to phone’s USB OTG port and go to soilsensor application’s settings tab. Click READ to read data from sensor or GENERATE button to generate new address data. Then input your device’s name without white spaces and click REGISTER OTAA button, to register device to cloud.
Your device should appear on main tabs sensor list. Chose your sensor in list to see data from sensor.

Soulsensor Android application receives LoRaWAN sensors data via IoT cloud application. You may login to this dashboard tool using your googles account and create nice dashboards to monitor your sensor data.

For USB sensor modification this application may be used as data logger, because it stores data readings to android flash memory and displays them to graphs. Data displayed in graphs may be copied to clipboard in CSV format and shared or saved to file.

* Online LoRaWAN sensor monitoring via TTN connected gateways.
* Setup USB and LoRaWAN soil sensors
* Write USB and LoRaWAN sensor data to phone memory
* View data on charts and export to CSV
* See sensor [specification here] (
* Source code is [located there] (

!WARNING please remove device battery before attaching device to USB port for configuration. Leaving battery with attached USB power supply may damage battery or your device’s USB port.

!WARNING LoRaWAN device waits for 10 seconds after power up for configuration terminal software connection. After terminal connection it remains in configuration mode until terminal software is disconnected.

!WARNING device joining mode OTAA or ABP is switched automatically on configuration when you setup OTAA or ABP parameter.

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